ASP.NET WebApi succinctly

Months ago, while digging inside the ASP.NET WebAPI I collected a lot of material and I decided to write a small book about the topics. I contacted Syncfusion beacause I really like their series “Succinctly”: small books that go straight to the main topic without much introductions or ceremonies. Few days ago my work have seen the light and you can grab it for free at this address: There are a couple of persons that I need to thanks: Raffaele Rialdi help me a lot in understanting how the model binding works internally (and I can gurantee that is not easy as I expected). Second I have to thanks Ugo Lattanzi that helped me with some oddities of the routing system. Writing a book always was on my todo list and even if it’s not a big book I’m very happy that it is publicly available.

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